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There are a few pieces of advice that Howard Macpherson, a gardening devotee, would give people just starting out on landscaping and maintaining a healthy yard. First of all, lawns need to be mowed on a regular basis in order to maintain a neat and orderly appearance. Related to mowing, it is exceptionally important to keep a lawn mower clean and in good working order in order to avoid injury and the spread of plant diseases and infestations.


Another important step to take is to conduct proper pruning and shearing. Making sure shrubs and bushes are properly pruned helps them generate more healthy growth in the future by promoting air circulation. In addition, just like mowing, pruning helps a well-landscaped yard look its absolute best.


Just as important as keeping a yard well-manicured is making sure everything is receiving appropriate amounts of water. Both over- and under- watering are problematic and can cause plants to wither and die. Different plants require different levels of watering, as well as sunlight and shade. Gardening enthusiasts like Howard Macpherson suggest keeping track of the different plants around the yard and noting which ones require more watering or less watering in order to help keep the yard looking its best.